The jacket has just spent 6 weeks in a backpack and came up trumps for a casual dinner in Spain and a black tie dinner in Chicago.
Such versatility.
P.  South Caulfield.

The sports coat is beautiful
S. S.

The silk Jacket has had a fair bashing,been to China a few times US. and a number of  Interstate jaunts. So versatile,dress down dress up to suit any occasion.Light and comfortable.
 I'm heading to town on the weekend hoping to pop in to check out ur latest wares.

 My PatrickMoor jacket is the most versatile jacket I have ever owned, not to mention light and easy to wear. It fits into any scene according to how upmarket or not I wish to dress. Travelling with it is the best. I can roll it and it comes up looking perfect. Wouldn’t mind a second one in another colour too . Honestly, I wear it EVERYWHERE

The jacket has been great- and looks great.

C.A. Sydney

I live in Paris and have never seen a silk jacket like this. The texture is magnificent. It’s the highlight of my visit to Australia.
D.F. Paris

Milan is the centre of men’s fashion so I was very surprised to see a jacket as different and beautiful as this in Sydney.
R.L. Milan

Bob: Got the jacket today, and simply could not be more pleased. It's just a beautiful piece, so unique, and fits so perfectly that I already see myself wearing it constantly.
Believe it or not, I've never actually worn a jacket for lecturing before, but now I have one that is both the height of comfort and style.
Thanks so much for both your perfect service and of course the jacket itself, all greatly appreciated.

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